Vaginal discharge makes itchy and smelly? This is how to treat with betel leaf

The benefits of betel leaf for health are extraordinary, including to overcome problems in the female intimate organs. One of them is the problem of vaginal discharge, and betel leaf has been used since ancient times to treat and treat it.

Betel leaf according to dr. Rianti Maharani, M.Si has an extraordinary content, namely essential oils. Where this oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which can treat various conditions.

“This betel leaf has been clinically proven and has been tested on humans. Why is it efficacious because it contains substances that can indeed treat various conditions, essential oil for antibacterial, antiseptic,” said medical herbal doctor, Dr. Rianti Maharani, M. Si was quoted by Us from the page .

In addition, it contains flavonoids which can reduce the amount of vaginal discharge that can be annoying. Moreover, it emits an unpleasant odor.

“Having flavonoids, tannins are a way to reduce mucus in vaginal discharge, usually the mucus doesn’t taste good, so that when betel leaf is applied, it reduces mucus,” he continued.

How to use betel leaf to treat vaginal discharge is also very easy, simply by boiling it. And especially this one leaf is very easy to get, because it is usually used as an ornamental plant in the yard.


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