C. Ronaldo to leave Man Utd: Don't let pain extra long!

 A few days ago, page Instagram of Man Utd have post welcome the player back workout. A video recorded the familiar faces of Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire and Raphael Varane... but, who was most noted as C. Ronaldo did not appear.

Ambition of C. Ronaldo with the team (picture: Getty).

“CR7 now?” – line comment appears below and get more than 1000 likes. Perhaps, there is also the general mood of the fans, Man Utd at this time. A few days after the post was C. Ronaldo still has not appeared in the training ground Carrington, where he originally belongs to.

Striker Portugal have institute “family reasons” to leave of absence. On your personal star, this homemade picture still... are vacationing in Mallorca island with my family. It is no different from what provocation Man Utd.

Affordable heart C. Ronaldo no longer reserved for Man Utd? In times past, the press He is constantly posting information CR7 asked to leave Old Trafford. With the dynamics of this player in the last time fans as there are reasons to believe that.

C. Ronaldo back to Man Utd with pride limitless. In the first day appears at Carrington this player has lectured quite long, raise the spirit of Man Utd and determination to fight to help the CLUB regain position. The audience applauded. But perhaps, that is the moment the single “the spirit of Man Utd” is shown.

In the past seasons, C. Ronaldo, like the lost in ambition too big. The rest of the team just pictures silver disadvantages, is not commensurate with the ambition of her. Even, a few relatives of the Man Utd as Roy Keane or Gary Neville't admit that was bored criticism can he by... everything remains so.

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The Man Utd not be attending the Champions League is the cause of C. Ronaldo wants to leave (image: Getty).

Themselves C. Ronaldo't don't hold emotions and do not hesitate to criticize the team on the newspaper: “I think that in order to build good things, you need to destroy a few things. At the age of 18, I spoke with many players much older and see it as a mirror to improve. They each experienced the pain should have more experience than me. Also the young players now do not accept that if you criticize them. They do the opposite than I was before”.

Not below once the exasperation of C. Ronaldo outbursts on the pitch, typical is the situation stones on grid Curtis Jones in the match against Liverpool. Man Utd's early C. Ronaldo coat no way to accept defeat 0-5 against Liverpool, but this time, they see it as normal thing.

In first Monday back to Man Utd, the ambition of C. Ronaldo still so. The only difference is he is no longer the team has the ambition and desire the same to make the turn for the CLUB. Now, around CR7 only human, frail, and easy to succumb to difficult.

The Man Utd can't win tickets for the Champions League is the culmination of frustration. It is also a slap too big on ambition of C. Ronaldo. This player was already at the twilight of the career and want to “scavenged” all titles, a record high quarter before the date of his retirement from the pitch. CR7 can't waste a year to battle in the Europa League. That is why this player decided to end his shirt off.

And when C. Ronaldo was open to Man Utd's time to let go. For the short term, they still need at shanghai trade surplus as CR7. But sometimes the “demolition” (according to C. Ronaldo) is a good thing to build up good things.

Man Utd are want to implement the comprehensive network of the same COACH Teg Hag. Leadership team accepted given the “taming mace” to strategy the Netherlands decide everything related to the personnel of the team. The move to recruit young stars Tyrell Malacia are not included in the calculation of the powers that be Man Utd. It is simply to enchant COACH Ten Hag, who followed Tyrell Malacia from when I was in the Netherlands.

Obviously, to C. Ronaldo and towards the entrance, gangbang is what Man Utd need to be targeted to. Gameplay of Ten Hag about pressing and need factors in healthy young to be able to “burn off energy” in both matches.

CR7 naturally not strong in pressing. At the age of 37, he always find ways to save power as much as possible and just burst out in time of need. COACH Rangnick has affirmed that “C. Ronaldo not good at pressing”. Immediately preceding the date of departure, he is forced to admit that the gameplay Gegen-pressing its impossible to apply in Man Utd because there is no hr to perform.

Journalist Dave Kidd once shared: “C. Ronaldo has expired. He can't help teams win the Champions League. After coming to Man Utd, he can't improve well the play of the team”.

Ambition of C. Ronaldo is something to be welcomed, but sometimes it becomes an obstruction for the CLUB. The revolution of COACH Ten Hag need a new radical.

Now, Man Utd and C. Ronaldo are no longer reserved for each other. Even if trying to hold back, the pain will appear from both sides.


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