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Hi hi I Max Lombok is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, the charms offered vary from beaches, waterfalls to mountains. Therefore, it is not wrong if Lombok grab is included in the dream list of local and foreign tourists to visit and vacation there

, here are 15 tourist attractions in Lombok, we can recommend Tangsi beach, also known as Pink Beach, which offers Khan pink sand combined with clear calm sea water, the pink color on this beach comes from coral flakes and other marine life carried by currents to the mainland because it

Has calm waves on the beach. This beauty offers snorkeling as its main activity, tourists who visit will be spoiled with a variety of coral and fish species. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano that constantly emits smoke. However, the stunning natural beauty makes anyone still tempted to climb it.

This mountain is also the 2nd highest mountain in Indonesia so it's only natural to climb it takes at least 4 days 3 nights at Bukit Nanggi located in the area East of Mount Rinjani National Geopark, precisely in

The village of Sembalun, this hill is one of the five natural attractions in the form of the highest hill in Sembalun with a height of 2300 meters above sea level . you can enjoy it before sunrise, it's not wrong if this hill bears the nickname Country Above Hai Clouds

. Benang netting waterfall is quite popular among tourists. Its beauty is already famous because of its instagramable appearance . located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, the location is about 30 km and the access is much easier than other waterfalls in Lombok. Hey

Kuta Beach is a must-visit tourist attraction if you are on vacation to Lombok, the charms offered will attract your heart starting from the wide stretch of beach water. the clear sea to beautiful solid rocks, comfortable natural conditions make this location highly recommended to take a

Family vacation of ex or young wife to enjoy one of Lombok's tourism icons. Sade Village is one of the hamlets in the rembitan village of Pujut, Central Lombok, which is known as Dusun who maintain the customs of the Sasak tribe, the Sasak Sade tribe is already well-known

Among tourists who come to Lombok. Tourists who come to this place will be presented with views of the houses of residents in the form of traditional buildings made of palm fiber. Not only that, this Sade village is famous for its weaving culture. hi

Hi Gili kedis is one of the hidden paradises located on the island of West Lombok has a smaller area when compared to other gilis in Lombok, this tour still has its own characteristics . tourists who come to this place can enjoy

A variety of exciting activities such as taking pictures, snorkeling and other activities. Yes, Mount Anak Dara has a charm of beauty that spoils the eyes . Its exoticism makes Mount Anak Dara often referred to as Mount Rinjani Mini, which has a height of 1923 meters above sea level . This is highly recommended

For beginner climbers who want to enjoy one of the natural tourist destinations in Lombok. Tiu Kelep Waterfall has a very charming beauty. This tourist attraction is deep in the forest so it will leave an impression for tourists who walk to the location of this Tiu Kelep Waterfall. lush leaves, trees

, soothing sounds of nature, the fresh air and the sound of water dripping falling, are things you can find while there. Gili Lombok is the name for the three islands, namely Gili Air, Hai, Gili Meno and Gili. Trawangan If you like Gili Air diving, this one

Is highly recommended to try in addition to the beautiful underwater scenery Gili Air is also very instagramable, the sensation of tranquility and snorkeling activities is very suitable to do here called the smallest Gili Because the area is only about 150 hectares Gili Meno is surrounded by

White sand and the underwater beauty is so beautiful that it's not surprising that many people do snorkeling and diving on Gili Meno. This Gili is so crowded that this one is called an international village because people who visit there from various countries because the place is bye here stands the Hotel

Restaurant to center hi In addition, you will also be treated to a variety of very entertaining attractions. If you like horse riding, there are many horses for rent on Gili, this one in Bukit Rese is one of the attractive natural tourist destinations and is widely visited on the island of Lombok.

The stunning scenery and interesting photo spots are perfect for those of you who like selfies, not only that, the tourists are also introduced to a beautiful sunset panorama with the sun setting behind the mountains next to the beach, this one besides having extraordinary natural beauty also has a sand texture.

Different from the others, the waves on Tanjung Aan beach are not so big, even one time the waves are very calm, the sea depth is quite shallow, decorated with underwater beauty that we can enjoy. The Tanjung Aan beach area is quite wide and decorated by the

Charming Green Hills. highly recommended to spend time li Tanjung bloam beach family vacation is an untouched paradise in the corner of the island of Lombok, the area known as a turtle conservation place is still natural. Tanjung bloam beach has a natural beauty that is so natural and almost forgotten

By tourists. Once you arrive at this beach you will be presented with a stretch The white sand is so soft and the sea water is very clear and blue not only presents White Sand, Mawun beach offers beautiful sea water gradations to be

Seen, green on the edges and blue in the middle, becoming a beautiful color to look at. Besides that, your eyes will be spoiled by the green. the hills of the beauty of the mawun beach are able to invite foreign tourists to come visit Enjoy the natural beauty of the exotic

Beach Selong belanak beach is a popular beach for swimming and surfing with white sand, clear water and sun loungers rental. This beach is located in Selong belanak Praya Barat, Lo District Central mbok selong belanak beach is famous for its natural charm which is said to be similar to when you were in Hawaii.

That's why many tourists call this beach the air of Lombok. Those are the 15 tourist attractions on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara that we can recommend.
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